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Master's Message 2016


I want to first thank you for electing me as your Worshipful Master for 2016. It's a great honor and privilege to preside over the lodge for America-St John's 250th year of Masonry in Stratford, CT. As we move into the New Year, my officers and I have several events planned for the first quarter of 2016. 

In February, our lodge will hold a Ladies at the Table Lodge. March will include the St. Patrick's Day Parade and the children's Easter Breakfast .

As mentioned before, America St John's Lodge #8 will be celebrating its 250th year. My officers and I have been planning a dinner to celebrate our lodge's anniversary. Our tentative date for the anniversary dinner is April 30, 2016. We have also planned on commemorative pins and souvenir coins to mark our 250th year. More information will be distributed in the coming months. 

Once again brothers, I would like to thank you for your trust and confidence in electing me as your master in 2016.

Michael J. Miller

Worshipful Master

Welcome to America-St. Johns #8 Lodge Website

As Connecticut Freemasons we embrace the tenets of Friendship, Morality and Brotherly Love. We do this by using the teachings of Freemasonry to better ourselves, our community and each other. At our lodge we make Masons and here at our website we show you our history, activities and schedule of future events.masoniclogo.jpg

The Masonic Fraternity does not invite anyone to become a member, instead we wait patiently for the special man to knock on our door and seek admittance. Perhaps your visit here is that "knock" on our outer door.

Feel free to browse our site; investigate us and Freemasonry! See for yourself what we are doing here. We hope this site interests you into becoming a better man and joining the greatest and largest Fraternity in the world.

Connecticut Freemasons: making a difference, here and around the world.


Challenges for the True Mason


I will do more than belong- -- I will participate.
I will do more than care – I will help.
I will do more than believe – I will practice.
I will do more than be fair – I will be kind.
I will do more than forgive – I will forget.
I will do more than dream – I will work.
I will do more than teach – I will inspire.
I will do more than earn – I will enrich.
I will do more than give – I will serve.
I will do more than live – I will grow.
I will do more than be friendly – I will be a friend.
I will do more than be a citizen – I will be a patriot.
— author unknown
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